Cortec Packaging Solutions Benefit Us All
Chicago Export is an authorized distributor for Cortec Corporation. We choose Cortec’s VpCI packaging solutions to achieve the best possible protection and satisfaction of our customers
and their cargo. Cortec’s vapor phase corrosion inhibitor, VpCI, is a breakthrough technology
that excels at offering complete corrosion protection for your cargo during storage and transportation.
Cortec VpCI packaging solutions protect metals with a molecular level that provides complete
multi metal protection. The coverage is complete! This product literally accomplishes full
protection of every surface, crevice, cavity and all other inaccessible areas.
Cortec VpCi packaging solutions are cost effective, simple to apply, safe for the environment,
safe for our personnel and provide multi metal protection. Chicago Export chooses Cortec VpCI packaging solutions because they generate benefits for every aspect of a project.


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